Sharyn Johnston

Sharyn Johnston

The CEO and founder of Australian Tea Masters Wholesale and Blending

Specialised courses in tea education which have been developed by Australian Tea Masters are now taught worldwide and Sharyn’s expertise is highly respected and regarded around the world. With a strong tea focused network around the globe, she is a well-respected member of the global tea community.

Sharyn is regularly asked to be a guest judge at tea competitions around the world and is a member of the advisory board of Tea Masters Cup International, as well as Head Judge. Sharyn is also a board member of the European Speciality Tea Association and a member of the Chinese Tea Experts Committee, and she was given a special award from the Myung Won Cultural Foundation in Korea for her contribution to the development and promotion of Korean Tea culture.

She is also committed to working with small farmers around the world to promote their teas, support projects which help improve the lives of the workers and develop the awareness of the benefits of quality tea to the world through education.

Sharyn travels extensively pursuing her passions to be able to share genuine, honest knowledge to her students. She specialises in tea and herbal blending training and blend development and regularly teaches in Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, and China.

Sharyn has visited


Las Vegas, USA

What a great class of people. So enthusiastic about wellness.

Thanks @worldteaexpo #worldteaexpo2017 for inviting me to speak.

Rize, Turkey

National Tea Masters Cup Turkey competition took place where I was a judge.

Lumbini, Nepal

With my wonderful friends from Lumbini.

Their beautiful teas, amazing location and the special hands on experience to feel what tea is really like and learn what makes Lumbini teas amongst the best.


What an unbelievable experience judging the Teh tarik competition in Malaysia 2019.
Thankyou to the Malayasian Tea Association and @ckliew I was invited to judge the world championships.
It was a life changing moment to see what these competitors could do with tea and then try it myself.

Sichuan, China

Famous for black teas and the amazing dancers with the many faces.

The black teas here are delicious. Usually fine and wiry and glossy black. Bright coppery liquor and lots of sweetness in the cup.

South Korea

Beautiful Boseong on our first Australian Tea Masters Korean tea tour.
The tea pickers here in this organic plantation are picking Daejak.
Every 10 minutes the tea is collected from the baskets and places in large blue mesh bags . The tea is washed four times before processing and the taste is very clean.

Fuzhou, China

Beautiful Fuzhou. The tea fields were so lush and the small farmer that I was so lucky to meet produced such amazing green tea.
The aroma of this tea was so rich with strong fresh vegetal notes, the taste, the only word delicious, savoury, refreshing, clean.

The beginning of Oriental Beauty. I’ve met a farmer who has continuously won 1st prize for his beautiful teas. So much care and such delicious tea and I was so lucky to be able to process all the steps of this unique tea.


Tea Masters Cup Indonesia here we come! What an awesome line up of judges and participants.

We are so proud and excited for the first ever Tea Masters Cup to be held in Indonesia.
We have 19 participants and three categories. A great team effort do get this Comp up and running.

Yingde, China

Yingde Tea Three organic farm. Three stands for Tea, Time, Test. What nature intended.
A beautiful location with so much focus on growing everything pesticide free. The very latest in technology is being used to ensure pure tea is being produced.


Beautiful Vietnam, beautiful teas and beautiful people. There are some amazing teas we source from the ancient tea trees in the mountains of Vietnam including red dragon, snow dragon, emerald dragon as well as aged tea cakes. These handmade teas are unique and from small farmers.

Gold Coast, Australia

One hour from the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia!

Yes we have tea being grown in a very small plantation located one hours drive from one of the longest stretches and most beautiful beaches in Australia.

Geelong, Australia

Where my Australian Tea Masters business is located