Sharyn Johnston

Tea Flavour Wheel and Aroma Training Kit

The Tea Flavour Wheel is one of the proudest achievements of Sharyn.

After two long years of toil and hard work, we have also developed The Camellia Sinensis Aroma Training Kit to be used alongside our Tea Wheel.

The Tea Flavour Wheel

Sharyn and the Australian Tea Masters team have recently been taking part in an initiative to translate the Tea Flavour Wheel into a variety of different languages other than its original language, English. This is not just to cater for our (Australian Tea Masters) international students, but for anyone more comfortable speaking other languages who wish to taste tea.

We (Australian Tea Masters) currently have English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Japanese (Kanji/Kana) Tea Flavour Wheels available. If you would like to purchase a hard copy poster of any of these resources, please contact us at

The Aroma Training Kit

Sharyn had also devised an Aroma Training Kit which includes the typical aromas found in the six categories of tea and contains 36 aromas which will help assist in training tea senses. The kit is often accompanied with a laminated version of the tea wheel (included in the kit), for your reference.

Aroma identification is essential in master tasting and is a world first for the tea training industry!