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Sharyn Johnston founded Australian Tea Masters

Sharyn has a long corporate career and has worked in over 20 different countries. She founded Australian Tea Masters in 2011 with a primary focus on education and consultancy and later launched Australian Tea Masters Wholesale and Blending in 2017.

Australian Tea Masters expanded internationally with the opening of the Singapore office in 2016 and the Indonesian office in 2018; the Korean office has recently opened in 2020.

Australian Tea Masters Wholesale and Blending Pty Ltd. is the largest and most accredited tea blending business in Australia, focusing on private label, functional and organic blends. The company has over 150 major private label clients whose products are sold throughout Australia and internationally.

Tea Blending consultancy is an exciting and rewarding part of this business and working with brew companies, health and wellness companies using the latest ingredients and global trends to create what have become some very successful blends in the market.

Sharyn specialises in tea and herbal blending training and blend development and regularly teaches in Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, and China.

Sharyn has worked with some of the world’s leading tea experts to develop the training material used in the Australian Tea Masters Certified Tea Mastery and Certified Tea Blending courses.

Australian Tea Masters has just developed an online Black Tea Cupping and protocols course in collaboration with the Ceylon Tea Academy.

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Sharyn Johnston launched the first tea expo in Australia

In 2015, Sharyn launched the Australian International Tea Expo which is now working with other industry sectors to develop synergies with other hospitality, wellness, and health sectors of the market.

At the same time the Golden Leaf Awards were launched, the only international tea competition in Australia. Sharyn also works closely with the speciality coffee and beverage industry working on improving tea presence and utilisation of tea in brewing.

An internationally recognised tea educator

Sharyn offers a portfolio of approximately 30 different tea courses across all sectors of the tea market. These courses include Tea Etiquette, Hands on Blending, High Teas, Tea and Food pairing, Teas of the World, and tailor-made education classes for small or large groups.

Specialised courses in tea education which have been developed by Australian Tea Masters are now taught worldwide and Sharyn’s expertise is highly respected and regarded around the world.

She is regularly asked to be a guest judge at tea competitions around the world and is a member of the advisory board of Tea Masters Cup, as well as head Judge. Sharyn is also a board member of the European Speciality Tea Association and Head Judge for Tea Masters Cup International which is now held in 25 countries.